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I can help you to buy something from TAOBAO. Please make sure the measurements of sizes, color, quality(such as authentic or replica) before you make a purchase.

Every item of the Subtotal price is less than HKD$500, the commission is HKD$50 (US$6.61)

HKD$500(US$66.09) above, the commission is 9% of the subtotal.

Example 1 ,
Item 1 CNY200 + Shipping to me CNY30 + 3%charge(from taobao) = CNY236.90 x HK rate 1.24 =HKD$ 293.76 (US$38-39)----(subtotal)

(subtotal HKD$ 293.76(US$38-39))+(commission HKD$50(US$6.61) )+(shipping to your home HKD$50(US$6.61)) +3.9%paypal fee + HK$2.5(US$0.30) = HKD$411.62 (US$54-55)

Example 2
Item 1 CNY480 + Shipping to me CNY30 + 3%charge(from taobao) = CNY525.30 x HK rate 1.24 =HKD$ 651.37 (US$85-86)----(subtotal)

(subtotal HKD$ 651.37 (US$85-86))+(commission 9%=HK$710(US$93-94) )+(shipping to your home HKD$50(US$6.61)) +3.9%paypal fee + HK$2.5(US$0.30) = HKD$792.14 (US$104-105)

P.S. If you purchase more than one items from the same seller, the shipping will be confirmed from the seller when you decide to order them. The second item will cost FREE1/23/4 or full amount of shipping. If you're not satisfied about that, you may change your mind :D

If you are not hurry to get your item, I can store your item cost FREE. When you are ready to get your items, I will put all your goods in one package, so you can save more shipping on that.

Please understand I am the middle person to help you. Once I get your products, I won't open them. Unless you request me to check your products are OK before I ship them to you. Otherwise, I won't response any demaged products which I have not checked.

All of the amount are reasonable, please do not doubt me where this amount come from. If you do, you may use another shopping service.

I hate to have a conflict with buyers,such as shipping charge, takes too long to recevie items, etc,,,,,These issues are depend on the sellers, I cant control if it is happened. Therefore, I would not do this business with trouble buyers. Sorry about that.

Why I have to choose you?
1) This is my personal help, therefore, my fee is lowest than other big companies, 
2) I will tell you the real shipping from the sellers.
3) Other companies provide EMS 40%off, can you provide the same thing?
    Even I dont provide EMS 40%off, but I can say the shipping fee is lowest than EMS 40%
Let's see
1KG - - - - EMS CNY189 x 40% = CNY113.40  = US$16.61
1KG- - - - -AIRMAIL WITH TRACK  HK$114.10 = US$14.69

The rate of paypal fee is changed, it's 3.9%+HKD$2.5(US$0.30)

Currency Converter

1) How to order?
Asking for an estimate (less than 7items only,above the 7 items, please do that by yourself from using EX 1 or 2)please comment here. When you are ready for your orders, you may send me a PM.

Order step:
When you are ready to order,PLEASE:
The PM SHOULD BE  including( item names, links, sizes,shoe sizes<JP or EU is fine>, colors, prices, your phone number, etc AND paypal address)
If your order has custom size, please includes your measurements in CM in your order
♪♪  If there is Same Seller in your order, please put SS in the begining of an item. Otherwise I might count twice on the shipping because I may not know
♪♪♪  If you want to send me payment as a gift to avoid paypal fee, please say so b4 I send you an invoice.
♪♪♪♪ Please include that you want box or no box for your package being shipped.(If the sellers include box with your item(such as shoes), I will keep it), please understand shipping fee and weight may cost extra if box is used.

First Payment: Subtotal + commission +paypal fee 3.9%+HK$2.5(US$0.30)
Final Payment: *Shipping + paypal fee 3.9%+HK$2.5(US$0.30)
*I will send you about the shipping fee and methods, sometimes the weight might be a little different for me and the postoffice. Therefore, the amount will be more and less in US$1, if the amount under in US$1, you dont have to pay back to me, and it over in US$1, I will refund the difference to you.

2) How long will it takes to receive my items?
In stock items - - - - Depends on the sellers, usually it takes 1-4 days.
Bespoke items - - - - Varies, will consult with the sellers before you decide to purchase.

3) How much shipping cost for you to receive my items?
<1.2kg CNY30
>1.3kg~1.7kg CNY36
>1.8kg~2.2kg  CNY42
>2.3kg~2.7kg  CNY48
>2.8kg~3.2kg  CNY54

4) I use a translation which says the shipping is included with the item, why you still cost me for the shipping?
TAOBAO is not like ebay,,,some sellers usually do this way on the shipping which says FREE SHIPPING, when you place an order, you have to place another order for shipping.  I get your fee is for shopping service,rather than the shipping service.

5)How do you pay for the shipping to the sellers?
---Pay it in the invoice
---Cash on delivery (If you are not trust the seller or the sellers requested)

6)I paid the first payment, but I want to add something, is that possible?
Yes, you may, it would be called second payment

7)Why the payment is in HKD instead of CNY?
Paypal have no currenies in CNY. In addtion, cash on delivery cost in HKD, when I ship the items to you cost in HKD, therefore, the payment is in HKD.

8) Do my items have tracking number when you ship them out, and how long it takes?
Yes, they do have tracking number, usually it takes 4-14 days to arrive at your home.

9) Can I request that I dont need tracking?
No, sorry


Any questions, feel free to ask :)

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